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Newspaper X Viospaper v3.0.0 Pro Blogger Template Download

Newspaper X Blogger Template Download

Newspaper X Premium Blogger Template

Last Update: Version 3.0.0 – November 20, 2020

Viospaper Pro is a Blogger (Blogspot) theme that lets you write articles and blog posts with ease. We offer great support and friendly help!

There have been many changes that I made from this template data structure, starting from the beginning of making the first version, until now it has entered the second version.

Here is the update of the appearance of the Newspaper X blogger template I have changed it on a large scale.

Features of Viospaper v3.0.0 Pro Blogger Template
  • Full Responsive 100%
  • SEO Optimaze Google
  • Mobile Frendly Valid
  • Struktur Valid 100%
  • Valid Schema Markup
  • Fast Loading
  • Support Theme Design
  • Costum Page Eror 404
  • Support Multi Language from Blogger
  • New Code Wigdets v2
  • Ads Ready Optimaze
  • Ads header
  • Ads Post Homepage
  • Ads Post Wigdet
  • Layout for Newbie
  • Navigation Menu
  • Mega Menu on Desktop
  • Slider Menu on Mobile
  • Search Form
  • FeaturedPost Wigdet Custom Design
  • And more.....
Download Newspaper X Viospaper blogger template.

Newspaper X Viospaper premium blogger template.


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