12 SEO Tips for Online Store Websites

12 SEO Tips for Online Store Websites
Having an online store that is not optimized for search engines is like having a shop but there is no signboard, so that no one knows your online store exists. Website is one of the most potential places to sell online. In this digital era, everyone will definitely search on search engines when they want to buy something, then will find the appropriate online store on search engines. In order for your online store to be easily found on search engines, using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one solution. Here are SEO tips for online stores that you can do to optimize your online store's revenue.

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SEO Tips For Online Stores

If you want your online shop website to be successful, then learning SEO tips for online stores is an absolute must for you to try. By optimizing the SEO of your online store, your online store will be visited by many people. The more visitors, the greater the chance that your product will be sold.

The following are 12 SEO tips for online stores that you can do.

1. Avoid Duplicate Content

One of the big enemies of search engines is duplicate content. Many online stores have been penalized by search engines for having the same content for product descriptions or other listings.

So as an online store owner, you have to find ways to reduce duplicates while assessing your own online store.

2. Have a Content Strategy

You must be able to create unique content. Apart from being unique, the content must also be of high quality so that it is interesting to visit. Not only will it add value to customers, it can also help in increasing your online store's ranking on search engines. Make content that is varied and relevant to the products in your online store.

3. Do not use the manufacturer's product description

Make product descriptions that have unique content, are SEO friendly and use words that are searched for by visitors. Try not to copy and paste product descriptions made by the manufacturer. Because this will reduce the uniqueness and quality of your online store.

4. Use Unique Keywords

One of the ways to optimize your online store is by using unique keywords. You can use the help of Google Keyword Planner to find better keywords that are often searched for by many people.

5. Title Tag

Apart from keywords, you also have to create an attractive title for each product page. This title will make visitors decide to continue visiting your online store or even decide to look for other more interesting online stores.

6. Optimization of Product Images

No doubt, nowadays many customers are looking for their needs through image searches. Therefore, for you, online store owners, you should add related keywords in the ALT tag of each image in your online store.

To get maximum results, you also have to make sure that the keywords used in each image are relevant keywords. Avoid using a lot of keywords in the ALT tag.

7. Use Unique Meta Descriptions

When doing on-page optimization , many online stores use the same meta description for each page of their website. This will also be one of the enemies of SEO.

Meta descriptions have a function to help online stores to be attractive to the click when they appear in search engines. What needs to be considered is that you have to create a different meta description for each page of your website.

8. Include Product Reviews

Many buyers are interested in buying a product after seeing reviews from other buyers. So displaying product reviews is one way you can attract visitors to buy your product. This is also a passive way that can be used to generate unique content on your online store.

9. Include Links to Products on the Homepage

One of the common mistakes that many online stores make is "burying" their product into a link structure that is far from the main page. This of course will make it difficult for visitors to find the product they are looking for. This situation also lowers the search rate for products from your online store and can ultimately affect the score of the product page.

10. Optimize Anchor Text

To increase the visibility of your online store on search engines, you can add keywords to the internal links on your website. Using a link in the text which is a keyword will be better than using the link type "click here".

Apart from that, you can also include a link in the product description to direct visitors to other similar products that are also on your online store website.

11. Organize Your Online Store For SEO

The store structure also has an impact on the online store. You have to create a good online store structure so that it can include a number of landing pages . You can adjust the page according to the brand specifications or the type of product you provide.

In this way, you will have more opportunities to optimize several pages and groups of keywords which can later increase the visibility of your online store in searches.

12 . Share Products on Social Media

Another way that you can do to optimize your online store is by sharing your shop link to all the social media you have. This step can also speed up your product to be seen by many people.

Well, some of the SEO tips above are very important to try on your online store website, good luck!