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What is TrustRank? Definition and History

TrustRank is a term that refers to an algorithmic mechanism in evaluating the quality of content on web pages. To estimate whether the cont...

What is TrustRank
TrustRank is a term that refers to an algorithmic mechanism in evaluating the quality of content on web pages. To estimate whether the content is related, is it valuable and informative enough. So it deserves to be trusted to be ranked in search engines.

The TrustRank algorithm is well-known, in addition to the PageRank concept .

TrustRank's job is to analyze various factors and then become the value of trust. Like the web content itself, backlinks, internal links, to check outgoing links whether the related content refers to a specific user query.

Of all these factors, the algorithm makes it possible to better understand the level of uniqueness and value. Separate them from SPAM-indicated content.

Although the TrustRank algorithm does not appear to have a direct correlation with the ranking of a particular page in search results, the TrustRank score is a barometer of the user's eligibility of content for consumption.

Instead, all types of algorithms created by Google have only one goal, namely to provide the best experience for their users. By providing answers through valuable and informative content.

History of TrustRank

What is TrustRank
The initial idea of ​​the concept, which uses the phrase "TrustRank", refers to a Yahoo / Stanford paper entitled Fighting Web Spam with TrustRank (pdf).

However, in the process of traveling, even though the paper was the result of collaborative work with researchers from Stanford University and Yahoo, since its release in 2004, most people are more familiar with the term Google TrustRank.

Indeed, Yahoo has a TrustRank approach, however, in practice Google does not actually use a similar approach.

Yahoo TrustRank serves to identify Spam on the Web. This concept has been patented, with the name Link Based Spam Detection. Because Yahoo has patented the phrase TrustRank in advance, Google is unable to create a patent covering the same process.

Because there is a confusing side to the idea of ​​TrustRank which then did not help Google's trademark through the term “TrustRank”, in 2005. The trademark was later abandoned by Google on February 29, 2008, according to notes in Tess's USPTO database:

It was later discovered that Google has created a system for ranking web pages based on Google TrustRank. This concept was created not to resemble the idea of ​​Yahoo's approach. Which is not a method aimed at fighting Spam like Yahoo TrustRank.

Google TrustRank?

Google didn't copy Yahoo's version of TrustRank's basic idea. Because legally Yahoo has patented it officially.

By understanding the two patents, we can also see that they are very different.

Google TrustRank deals with the process of ranking search results. Instead do the process of finding a Webspam like Yahoo TrustRank.

Some of the ideas that Ramanathan Guha came up with for what was on a Google patent, are a bit like the papers he had written before. While still with IBM - Propagation of trust and distrust (pdf)

Google TrustRank Patents:

  • Created by Ramanathan Guha
  • Assigned to Google
  • US Patent 7,603,350
  • Awarded October 13, 2009
  • Filed: May 9, 2006

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